Food & Wine Rural Experience [PRIVATE TOUR]

Private rural tour

Explore rural Malta, meet the locals and enjoy freshly sourced delicacies during our private tours off the beaten path.

Depending on the itinerary you choose, our local guide will highlight unique sight-seeing locations with fascinating historical, cultural and ecological importance. You will get to experience village cores and most importantly visit places which are not accessible to the regular tourist... or even locals!

The ethos of these eco-tours is to support the local rural community and the Maltese environment, therefore each activity is built around genuine farmers and artisans.


Type: Private tour, custom itinerary

Duration: Starting from 2 hour experiences

When: Daily upon request (ask for more details here)

Rate: Starting from €200 per group (up to 2 persons)

Transport: Starting from €70 for 2 persons (unless you have your own means)


For each private tour you will meet the local guide at a location and time of your choice. Each tour is different, depending on what you'd like to experience and which season you are visiting, so the first 10 minutes are spent going through the itinerary for the day. Distances in Malta are very short, and if planned well, you will enjoy a number of locations within a short period of time.

During the tour we will also recommend very well accessible areas which are you may visit on your own. We like to concentrate our tour on Malta's rural areas. These are are all rural places where agriculture is still predominant. While hopping from one village to the next, we will buy local products direct from the different farmers, and get a glimpse into their everyday life.

All the while, scenic routes are chosen, so that you get to experience the best out of this rural setting. Malta is full of breath-taking viewpoints - from this North-Western region we can also enjoy views of our sister island - Gozo.

At one point, we usually visit a privately-owned farm. This visit would be exclusive for your small group, and here we will savour the fresh products sourced during the day. Depending on the package chosen, we might even enjoy a light non-cooked lunch, similar to a typical farmer's snack, that includes traditional bread, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, olives and other condiments, together with local estate wine. 

At the end of the experience, the guide will accompany you back to your accommodation or to a pre-established drop-off point.


>> Family friendly 

>> Private tour is operated with just your party and a guide/driver  

>> Light lunch, wine tasting and beverages included (depending on the package chosen) 

>> Visit at privately-owned farms with breath taking views 

>> Duration: from 2 to 8 hours