Bringing communities closer to food production

Location: The Maltese Islands

Time frame: 2013 - present


Food, a determining element in a culture's identity, is an integral part of Merill's activities. While promoting local products or rural experiences, we are constantly in touch with our food heritage.

In this respect, we made it our mission to expand further our horizons in order to bring communities closer to food production - something which is taken as given. From the toils of the grower, to the type of feed that nourishes farm animals, from the simplest of ingredients to elaborate recipes handed down to us by past generations, it is clear that we need to do more to grasp people's attention - both locals and tourists.

Our members, thanks to the collaboration with Malta Rural Tours, host a number of experiences, amongst which are the Food & Wine TourExtra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, Cheese and Wine Experience, Fruit Picking, Sea Salt Harvesting, Farmers' Lunch, and Wine Tasting Sessions. However, there's much more to food than just a couple of hours of experience and we are gearing up to further research and development in the subject.