Miru l-Merill (children's book)

Location: Featuring network members within the north-western region of Malta

Time frame: 2015


As part of a 14-month EU-funded project to strengthen, empower and assist the MRN this initiative consisted in the publishing of a children's book. The idea behind this action was to raise awareness amongst children about territorial assets within the Majjistral region as well as to disseminate information about the members of the Merill Rural Network, their workshops and agricultural holdings.

A mascot, named Miru, who is a male Blue Rock Trush specimen, (in Maltese Merill), was created and is portrayed while flying away from his home town, to tour around other neighbouring villages. In the process he meets some of the members of the network. Illustrations have been carefully produced to give a real perspective of the Maltese landscape, habitats and rural features. Agricultural land, the costal cliffs, garigue, local fruits such as the bambinella, grapes and strawberries, a chapel, a chicken farm, an artisan's workshop and a tractor were represented together with the nine members and the project leader. At the end of the book, the real photos of the people portrayed in the illustrations have been included to provide a realistic dimension.

A free online version is available: http://issuu.com/merillecotours/docs/miru_l-merill