Placing AGRIculture at the forefront of AGRItourism

Location: Maltese Islands

Time frame: 2011 - present


This initiative relates to one of Merill's core concepts since its inception - One cannot even start to discuss about the potential of agrotourism, before there is an actual investment in agriculture itself.

This approach is needed today more than ever, since some changes in the planning development policy leave room for abusive projects. Merill's notion is simple, any agritourism activity needs to sustain the agricultural holding and see that it flourishes in a sutainable manner, and not the other way round. If we develop structures and activities which are needed for the hospitality industry but not actively helping and empowering a specific rural community, then the only thing that we would have achieved is to develop new tourism structures in highly sensitive rural areas.

The members within the Merill Rural Network are all hardworking, real farmers or artisans. Their main aim is to continue investing in their respective industry. In turn, Merill provides them with the tools and resources needed to host rural tourism activities in a sustainable manner.